Professional Manufacturer of Solar Garden Light Since 2001

We have extensive experience customizing all types of outdoor garden lighting fixtures with high quality and competitive prices. Our design philosophy emphasizes innovation, eco-friendliness, simplicity, and sustainability. Helping customers achieve value is our goal.

Wholesale Products

Find your Garden Lighting Ideas here, with all of light sources and info!

As the original manufacturer of lanterns with patents, Hanko is committed to providing high-quality lantern products for your garden.

Choose our unique solar candle to decorate your outdoor tables, floor decks, and balconies.

Inspire an inviting ambiance with our solar pendant. This basket pendant is woven with all-weather material offering a versatile wicker light.

About Hanko: Your Expert Light Products Supplier

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We are the leading manufacturer of garden lantern lights in China, with 22+ years of manufacturing/quality control/designing experience, 15000+ square meters of production/warehousing area, and 200+ skillful workers in our factory. With our strong creative development team, we’re the first designer/manufacturer of many different Solar Lanterns, Solar Pendants, Solar Candles, and Solar Lights in the world, gaining lots of patents in China.

As a CE / ISO9001 / BSCI approved factory, we are widely accepted by and cooperated with Garden Centers / DIY Stores / famous Wholesalers from North American and European markets, with a good reputation worldwide for our quality and design. Our philosophy is Quality, Responsibility, and Service. We only produce fine quality products. Please contact us today to get more information about our garden lights.

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Years Of Experience

Innovative Design

We launch more than 300 products every year. This makes us different from other garden light suppliers in China.

Product Quality

We only produce fine quality products. As an ISO9001-approved manufacturer, we pay great attention to quality control.

Complete Qualification

We gain many of the necessary certificates & qualifications such as CE, ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI, etc.

Advanced Patent

For many brand new items. we have patents (Utility Model patent and Design patent) in China that could protect us and our clients from copying.

Our Garden Light Exhibition

Being a consistent participant in annual exhibitions showcases our reliability as a trusted manufacturing partner.

Get Inspired

Discover a delightful array of inspired garden lanterns here, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Browse through the collection and find just what you’re looking for.



Our indoor decorative lights focus on creating unique decorative effects, providing a soft and warm lighting ambiance, primarily for decoration rather than illumination.

Powered by low voltage or batteries, they offer flexibility in placement, adding personality and charm to indoor spaces. Suitable for both residential and commercial settings, they create special decorative effects indoors.



Outdoor decorative lighting fixtures combine aesthetics and functionality, adding a unique charm to outdoor spaces. With a variety of design styles to choose from, these fixtures are durable, weather-resistant, and provide reliable decorative lighting solutions.
Utilizing energy-efficient LED technology and solar energy sourcing, they are eco-friendly and have low energy consumption. They create a unique outdoor experience, enhancing safety, aesthetics, and comfort.