A few tips when your solar light can’t work properly

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If you have garden or open-air balcony, you may choose solar lights to embellish them. Because of covid, we have more time to stay in home, then your garden should be a good place for leisure.

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Good quality garden lights can be with you for a long time, please see below solar lights which have sold many years already, because they are very classic and with very good quality:

Good quality garden lights can use about 2 years, if your solar lights can’t work properly, please do not throw it, you can check your solar lights according to below tips first:

The lamp is not activated at darkness

1. Is the lamp switched on?

2. A source of extraneous light (e.g. street lamp) simulates daylight on the solar light and prevents its activation. Place the solar light at a darker place.

The lamp is not switched on at darkness at all or only for a short time.

1. Battery weak or defective. Exchange of the battery/accumulator at the latest after 2 years.

2. Make sure that the solar light is always facing to the south and that shadows are avoided.

With above tips, trust when you have troubles on your solar garden light, you can check it by yourself first.

By the way, the warranty of our Hanko’s solar garden lights is 2 years, should a defect occur within the warranty period, please contact your local dealers for a full refund or a replacement product.

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