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Hanko is the lantern company with 15,000 square meters area, which has an independent research and development department to meet the needs of different customers customized services.

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1400 +m²
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100 +
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Hanko is the lantern company, which is located in the beautiful Yangtze River Delta, with annual sales of 10 million US dollars, and the factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters. The factory has advanced production lines, and the company is also equipped with an iron workshop, injection workshop, inspection workshop, and production workshop. The company also has an independent research and development department to meet the needs of different customers’ customized services

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The History Of Hanko Lanterns

Youtube Linkedin Instagram Facebook Share-alt In the enchanting world of outdoor decor, Hanko Garden lanterns stand as luminous ambassadors of history and design. Their mesmerizing glow, coupled with intricate designs, paints a picture of a tradition that spans over two decades, weaving together European and American aesthetics. These garden lanterns


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We distribute the products to those countries:

USA, Korea, Japan, Germany, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, France, Italy, Norway, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Canada, UAE, Australia

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