Battery Decor Lights

Multiple sizes are available, suitable for many uniform luminescence,

both indoor and outdoor capitals/walkways/lawns are suitable

Hanko Company is a specialized manufacturer of garden lights. Our product line includes a variety of solar lanterns for garden decoration, designed to enhance the aesthetic experience of any outdoor space. Our series is updated with novel and unique designs every month to ensure we have garden lanterns suitable for any style or occasion.

Explore our exquisite collection of garden lanterns, available in a variety of styles including solar-powered, battery-operated, and USB-charging options.

Customize Your Battery Decor Lights From China Manufacturer

Designed to blend convenience and elegance, battery decor lights turn your outdoor space into an inviting retreat without the hassle of wiring or the worry of rising electric bills. It emits a captivating glow that will bring out the beauty of your gardens, pathways, and patio features. As industry pioneers in battery operated garden lights, we specialize in creating fixtures that enhance your outdoor living experience. Our low voltage pendant lights cast a subtle glow, or our striking glass + metal lanterns for a bold statement. We’ve also created a USB candle that’s the perfect blend of portability and easy installation for just about anywhere in the garden. Transform your garden into an enchanting sanctuary under the stars.

Easy to carry

the battery operated lantern can be easily transported and placed anywhere, making it a flexible lighting solution for indoors and outdoors.

Timer Functions

Some battery operated lanterns feature the timer function for automatic on/off operation. This can save energy and extend battery life.

Energy Efficiency

Many battery operated lanterns come with energy-saving LED bulbs that provide bright light while using minimal power.

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