Battery Operated Plastic Lantern

  • Perfect for cosy lighting in your outdoor space
  • Traditional lantern shape
  • Battery powered
  • Availability:All seasons
  • Transportation:Shipping, express, rail mail
  • Material: plastic
  • SKU:HK-729-28, HK-729-29, HK-729-30
  • Brand:Hanko




It uses PE flat rattan for cross-weaving. What’s different is that through the color matching and surface treatment of the rattan, it looks closer to the real rattan. The overall appearance adopts a gray design, which has a more retro feeling, the design of the vase shape makes it have both a retro and fashionable style.

As an indoor and outdoor decorative lantern, we use our LED Candles (LED flameless candles), battery operated, use a pair of regular AA batteries. The batteries are replaceable, and this LED Flameless Candle has with Off / On / 5-hour-timer switch on the base. Advantage of this Rattan Lantern: It can be for indoor use, and can be for outdoor use, too. With the help of the 5-hour-timer function, it is more convenient for consumers to use and could save energy, which makes a pair of regular AA batteries work for a few months. Because of the added handle, it can be more widely used in your garden. It is a good choice to put it on the table or hang it somewhere. If you are a loyal fan of garden decoration, you must not miss this product.



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Battery Operated Plastic Lantern 6


  • PE simulation flat rattan
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • antique appearance
  • high efficiency battery
  • overall waterproof design
  • battery powered, wide range of application
  • corrosion protection
  • switch design
  • with 5-hour-timer function with the LED Candle
  • different shapes to meet different application scenarios
  • various sizes available
  • available in different colors



  • home decoration
  • balcony decoration
  • festival celebrations
  • outdoor garden
  • wedding Church
  • architectural design



Battery Operated Plastic Lantern 5

HK-729-28dia.15.5×18.5cm heightwith Off / On / 5- hour-timer switch on the base
HK-729-29dia.16.5×26.7cm heightwith Off / On / 5- hour-timer switch on the base
HK-729-30dia.30.8×45.0cm heightwith Off / On / 5- hour-timer switch on the base



Cross-Weaving Rattan Lantern with Battery LED Candle