Best 5 Manufacturers of Solar Lights

Best 5 Manufacturers of Solar Lights
Nowadays, Solar Lights are getting more and more popular worldwide due to their unique advantages — easy to install (no cables needed), easy to use (could automatically turn on / off at dusk / dawn), energy saving (consuming no electric power), and convenient maintenance (nearly no maintenance needed). Are you wondering how to find a good manufacturer of solar lights? This article will help you out. Whether you are running a business and need an order for solar lights in bulk, or you are tired of your current suppliers and would like to search for more qualified suppliers of solar lights, this article is worth your reading. In this article, we will provide you the list of the best manufacturers of solar lights that sell wholesale.

List of Best 5 Manufacturers of Solar Lights

Best 5 Manufacturers of Solar Lights 2

Hanko Electronics Co., Ltd.

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying; Location (headquarters): Changzhou city, China; Year Established: 2001’; Hanko is the leading manufacturer of Solar Lights in China, with 20+ years of manufacturing / quality control / designing experience, with 15000+ square meters of production / warehousing area, and having 200+ skillful workers in the factory. With their strong creative development team, Hanko is the first designer / manufacturer of many different Solar Lanterns, Solar Pendants, Solar Candles, Solar Lights in the world, gaining lots of patents.  As a CE / ISO9001 / BSCI approved factory, Hanko is widely accepted by and cooperated with Garden Centers / DIY Stores / famous Wholesalers from North American and European markets, with a good reputation worldwide for their quality and design. Hanko’s philosophy is: Quality, Responsibility, and Service, they only produce fine quality products.

Products & Service offered:

● Solar Lights ● Solar Lanterns ● Solar Landscape Lights ● Solar Pendants ● Solar Candles hanko

Rimports Inc.

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying; Location (headquarters): Utah, US Year Established: 2008’; Rimports was founded in 2008 in Provo, Utah, USA.  In the past 14 years, they’ve created and currently manage a portfolio of 42 brands with wax warmers, solar lights, solar candles, solar lanterns and outdoor lightings. And Rimports’ products are world-class. They supply 47 retailers across the United States as well as in Canada and the United Kingdom. Their brands have the unique styles and designs, which include ScentSationals, Edison, My Home, Ador, Better Home & Gardens, Oak & Rye, and Fusion. Many of the products are designed and developed in Provo, Utah, and also produce the majority of the products within US.

Products & Service offered:

● Solar Lights ● Solar Candles ● LED Candles ● Garden Lights ● Wax Warmers    Check more about this company rimports

Esotec GmbH

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying; Location (headquarters): Weiherhammer, Germany Year Established: 1978’; Esotec was founded in 1978 in Weiherhammer, Germany.  This company is always paying great attention on quality & design, and their products are quite famous & popular in Germany.  Their products are including Solar Lights, Solar Lanterns, Garden Lighting, Solar Candles, Solar water pumps, Photovoltaic and so on.  many of their products are exported to UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, too.

Products & Service offered:

● Solar Lights ● Solar Water Pumps ● Garden Lights ● Solar Yard Lights ● Photovoltaic solarversand

Golden Sun Solar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying; Location (headquarters): Xiamen, China Year Established: 1998’; Golden Sun was founded in 1998 in Xiamen, China, is one of the earliest factories manufacturing solar lights in the world.  This company has a large factory, with 30,000 square meters of factory area, and with a big production capacity, each month could produce 1,500,000pcs of solar lights. They supply to many big chain stores such Home Depot, Walmart, Aldi, Lidl etc.. If you have bigger quantity and need delivery in a short period, they could be one of your best choices to work with.

Products & Service offered:

● Solar Lights ● Solar Landscape Lights ● Garden Lights ● Photovoltaic ● Solar Street Lights golden sun

N – Innovation International Ltd.

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying; Location (headquarters): Shenzhen, China Year Established: 2005’; N – Innovation was founded in 2005’, they are professional in designing creative lighting products, they like to use natural materials, and they are very good at quality control during mass production. They have Plastic Injection workshop, Metal Process workshop, Electronics workshop, Painting workshop, Assembling workshop, Packing workshop, and with a large warehouse. For many years their products were sold worldwide such as Australia, North America, Europe and Middle East, gaining a good reputation. If you want to find an experienced and stable factory to work with, N – Innovation must be one of the ideal ones.

Products & Service offered:

● Solar Lights ● Solar yard Lights ● Garden Lanterns ● Low Voltage Lighting ● Battery Operated Lanterns