Best Solar Outdoor Candles in 2023

Best Solar Outdoor Candles

using solar powered candles is an excellent way to decorate your home withoutany additional cost to your pocket as well as to the environment.

lf you are the one who loves the environment & also wants to save money atthe same time, then l welcome you to read this post.

Traditional candles or lanterns require a conventional power source. Wax candles melt, and the ones that need a power source are not highly feasible. In such cases, you wish there was a better alternative.

With solar-powered candles, the sun gives us such an amazing alternative. These candles do not need electricity or a separate installation system. All you need to do is buy the right solar candle.

Not only this, but I will also tell you in brief about solar candles, their benefits,drawbacks & things to consider before purchasing.

Our Top Picks

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3”x6” Outdoor Solar LED Candle 

Solar Plastic Candle 3 2



3”x6” Outdoor Solar Wavy LED Candle, Set of 2              

Solar Plastic Candle 4 2



3”x4” Outdoor Solar Wavy LED Candle, 3 Pack 

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4 inch x8 inch Outdoor Solar LED Candle

Solar Outdoor Candle Buying Guide

Certain factors are crucial before buying solar products. The technology is comparatively new, and consumers often confuse with some technical aspects.

Firstly, you should understand that solar products are more beneficial than conventional ones. You don’t need any extra power source to charge these devices. Hence, you end up saving money in the long term.

This buying guide aims to solve all your queries regarding solar candles. So, the next time you venture online or offline, be sure to use these pointers to good effect.

What are solar candles?

Solar candles are plastic items that work as an alternative to traditional electrical candles. They have a solar panel and battery arrangement in their setup.These candles are made up of PP/PE plastic material & a small solar panel is attached to the body of the candle. Additionally, a AA or AAA battery is also attached to it.

These candles, importantly, are cost-effective and serve the exact function of conventional candles. With more advancement in solar technology, solar candles, and table lamps have become a hot topic among consumers.

How does a solar candle work?

The solar candle works on the principle of PV conversion. It basically means that the panel converts photon energy into electricity. Thus, the basic concept behind their work is similar to any other solar device.

The solar panel in the candle absorbs solar energy. This energy charges the battery during the day. Generally, these candles have inbuilt sensors that are sensitive to light. The candle stops producing power at night.

With the absence of ample light, the photo-resistor activates the battery that turns the LED ON. In this way, a solar candle operates with sufficient efficiency.

Benefits of using Solar Powered Candles

Compared with traditional candles, solar-powered ones offer numerous advantages.

1、Smoke-free working

2、No environment hazard


4、High durability


6、No chance of fire hazard

7、Safe for pets and children

8、No need for an external power source

These benefits lure more customers to explore the solar candle market. So, you can enjoy such pros and lighten the atmosphere without any hassle.

How long do solar candles last?

The lighting duration of solar candles depends on sunlight intensity. On average, good-quality solar candles should last between 6 to 10 hours (ideally 8 hours).

They usually have an inbuilt sensor that takes care of the efficiency. You can replace the batteries if your solar candles have difficulty in maintaining the above working period.

Do solar candles get warm or hot?

Solar or flameless candles do not heat up significantly as traditional wax candles. Since an LED is responsible for generating the light, the heat is insignificant or, in some cases, very mild.

Due to low heat generation, these candles have a longer service life. Also, they pose less threat to users. Even children can handle them easily. They have a peculiar flickering effect to make the candle look more realistic.

Are outdoor solar candles waterproof?

Solar candles are typically made from plastic. The biggest character of this material is water-resistant and does not corrode. And Hanko outdoor candles are with the waterproof system which is conbined rubber pad and rubber sleeves. These protect the candles from the damage of the water or rain.

So, our solar candles are waterproof. You can keep them in the garden,

even on rainy days. Occasional splashes won’t damage the candles. Thus,these candles are durable and long-lasting.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Solar Candle

You can always rely on the ten outdoor solar candles reviewed by our experts. However, if you decide on any other product in the market, be sure to consider the following factors.

Easy Maintenance

Solar products generally need low maintenance. In some cases, they don’t even need any level of care.

All you need to do is maintain the panel (for max efficiency) and clear the dust on the candle body. Apart from this easy task, a solar candle doesn’t need much maintenance.

Hence, always buy a solar candle that is easy to maintain. Also, if you have the budget, opt for an IP-rated solar product.

Average Working Duration

A good solar company will always mention the estimated number of hours after one charge. As mentioned earlier, if a solar candle stays ON for an average of 8 hours, your selection is right.

Most candles last from 5 to 10 hours. Hence, depending on your requirement, choose one that can support these working durations. After all, nobody wants to end up buying a solar candle that stays ON for just 3 hours.

So, always read the amount of time a solar candle stays ON during the night.


Different users have distinct needs. Some people prefer small candles, whereas some love bigger-sized ones.

It’s better to get an early idea of the height and diameter of a particular solar candle. For festive occasions, small tea light candles are perfect. On the contrary, a big pillar-sized candle is ideal for getting the dual advantage of a showpiece.

Choosing the right dimension can become easy by using a scale. Read the manufacturer specifications and match your ruler to get a better idea. This factor reduces customer complaints about the size of the solar candle.

Battery Capacity

Outdoor solar candles work on the combination of a panel and a battery. Some items have a 300 mAh battery, while some have a 600 mAh one.

Candles with a larger battery cost marginally more but can illuminate you outdoors for a longer time. So, based on your requirement, choose the battery capacity wisely.

For instance, users who own a ranch or farm might require a candle with a bigger battery. On the contrary, city users can enjoy a solar candle with a small battery capacity. Moreover, this factor depends on the end-use of the solar candle set.

Customer Service

Good companies usually provide fluent customer support. You can approach them without any hassle.

This swift customer service proves utile when you get a faulty piece or face any technical difficulty.

Overall, customer service proves as a beneficial factor while buying solar products. Hence, try to purchase products from reputed brands or local manufacturers that answer your queries.


Solar candles have several benefits that make them a great purchase. Since the modern lifestyle is shifting to renewable energy sources, our buying choices need proper changes.

The onus is on individuals like us to choose products that benefit us and the environment alike. And solar candles fall in such category. They are non-polluting and environment-friendly.

So, if you want to light up your property, choose any suitable product from our list. The comprehensive buying good will help you select any other solar candle in the market.

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