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  • Made of high-quality plastic, advanced manufacturing processes for durability and safety
  • Customization options: logos, finishes, shapes, colors, and packaging
  • Ensuring Quality Assurance, Fast Delivery
  • Approved by BSCI, CE, ISO, and ROHS passed the factory audit
  • LED candles wholesaler with over 20 years of experience
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Your Reliable Manufacturer: Flameless LED Candles Factory

Hanko Company is a specialized manufacturer of LED Candle lights. Our product line includes a variety of flickering LED candles for outdoor/home decoration, designed to enhance the aesthetic experience of any outdoor space. Our series is updated with novel and unique designs every month to ensure we have flameless LED candles suitable for any holiday or festival. Our LED plastic candles come in many styles, including solar, battery operated, and USB rechargeable. If you need remote control, of course, we can also accommodate that. Contact us now!

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Why Choose Us As Your Garden Lantern Manufacturer

Professional Design Teams: With more than 20 designers and engineers, every year we created more than 300 innovative designs for the market, and will patent some designs.

Quality Management System: We have over 50 quality inspectors who check each shipment against international inspection standards. Click here to learn about Hanko’s quality control Unique hand-woven production line: Each electric candle lights carefully woven by artisans to ensure that each piece is unique, highlighting the perfect combination of art and practicality. Free candles outdoor Sample: Provide free pillar led candle samples for testing to confirm that we meet your custom design requirements. Click here to get a free sample now!


Continuous Technological Improvement


Excellent Competence, OEM/ODM Available


Recyclable materials, help protect the environment


ISO Certification, 100% Quality Warranty


Bulk Production, Quick Shippment

This is Secret

Why More Than 250+ Clients Over the World Love Work With Us?

Saving Your Time

By our advanced equipment and efficient production processes, the delivery time is 40% faster than other factories.

Saving Your Cost

You will save 60-80% of the cost because of manufacturer directly and our excellent production capacity. However, we only insist on making high-quality products.

Reduce Your Risk

You will reduce risk and 70% works, because our one-stop services will short your supply chain, our premium quality will make you worry-free.

Some Feedback

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

My name is Mr. Raymond from Holland. My company mainly operates on LED candles and garden lights. We have known Hanko for over 20 years, Hanko with good quality, fine workmanship, and timely replies, and importantly, cooperate with Hanko without trouble, the salesperson always can understand my email’s meaning.
This feeling makes me good, and comfortable, and they’re our best after-sales supplier in Asia. Thanks.



We are UK professional flameless candle manufacturer, We started to work with Hanko in 2008. We often do customized designs with Hanko. From product design to product sampling, the salesperson helps me follow up and communicate with us frequently. It is very happy to find Hanko company, Hanko is our approved No. 1 supplier in China, and this allows us to reduce costs significantly while obtaining exceptionally high-quality products.



Custom various LED candles at Hanko Electronics

As one of the professional LED candles making companies in China, Hanko Electronics can customize LED candles for our clients. Not only do we manufacture Solar LED candles but we can also design battery powered candles for you. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by a highly skilled team, ensuring the production of top-quality LED candle Lights. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we meticulously craft each candle to perfection. So, if you are searching for a reliable LED candle manufacturer, our company would be your best pick for LED candles because we have the following advantages:


Our LED candles are designed in different sizes to give you a variety of quality options to choose from. We currently bulk LED Candles with different appearances.


Our LED candles are currently available in a variety of colors to suit your needs and preferences. Our candles are generally made from white LED candles, and our design team is always available to help you find the perfect color for your best candles.


Our flameless flickering candles are available in a variety of packaging options including color boxes, display boxes, window boxes, mailboxes and custom packaging. Available in a variety of options for the perfect packaging to suit your preferences.

Color temperature and functions

Offering 2700K and 1600-1800K color temperature options, along with personalized customization services. Choose from two modes: subtle flickering and continuous brightness, pleasure customizing best led candles just for you.

Looking For an LED Candle Lights Factory To Develop Your Business?

MOQ Is Flexible And Can Be Negotiated. Depending On Your Project. Accept Customization For Small Orders. Design Products As Your Idea. Innovation And Robot Efficient Production. Submit An Online Message. Reply Within 24 Hours By Email.

About Flameless Candles FAQ

LEDs in flameless candles, unlike traditional bulbs, use a semiconductor die and don’t fail suddenly due to heat. Instead, their brightness gradually declines over time. Their lifespan, often exceeding 100,000 hours, is determined when they dim by 70%. Even after this duration, they typically retain about 70% brightness, making them practically last a “lifetime.”
Electric LED candles and traditional candles each have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. LED candles shine in safety, lacking an open flame that mitigates fire hazards, and in their reusable nature, proving cost-effective over time.
Inside an electronic candle, the battery is connected to a built-in circuit board. This circuit coordinates the movement of the stationary magnet toward the base of the flame, resulting in a true and spontaneous flicker technology that mirrors the natural appearance of a real candle in a flameless candle.
LED candles alleviate concerns about accidental burns, wax spills damaging furniture, or emitting harmful pollutants. Their practicality extends outdoors as they remain unaffected by wind, ensuring they won’t blow out and can be left lit for extended periods without burning out.
To set the timer on flameless LED candles, locate the “Timer” button on the candle base or remote, press it to cycle through timer settings, select your desired duration, and let the candle automatically turn on and off daily at the specified time.
Our electric LED candle shells are made of PE/PP plastic, you can indeed use a paintbrush and acrylic paints to create your designs on these flameless candle shells, allowing you to personalize and customize them to your liking for a unique touch. Just make sure to use paints that adhere well to plastic surfaces for the best results.

Factory FAQ

The price is based on your specific requirement, so please provide below information to help us quote exact price to you.
1, Specific product, model no., dimension and material requirements etc.;
2, Quantity;
3, Which color and process requirements.

Our MOQ is 500pcs, but for the first order, you can try with small quantity with 300pcs.

The warranty period is one year. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us first, we can offer you the help with our professional product knowledge and experience. And if it’s the quality problem and within warranty period, we’ll compensate to you in your next order.

We support professional packing customization: color box color display box, window box, mailbox hang tag professional instruction manuals, and so on catering to any business needs

Our payment term is T/T 30% + 70% or L/C at sight.

Samples Within 3-5 days; order 45-60 working days according to your quantity.

Yes, sure. The design and size can be fully customized according to your requirements.

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