The Real Truth About Solar Lights: How Long Do They Really Last?

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Outdoor solar lights are not only cost-effective and eco-friendly, but they also bring quite a variety in scope and design. They have plenty of advantages, but there are also a few disadvantages as well. If you don’t even know where to start, check out our guide below which covers the pros and cons of solar […]

Best 5 Manufacturers of Solar Lights

Best 5 Manufacturers of Solar Lights

Nowadays, Solar Lights are getting more and more popular worldwide due to their unique advantages — easy to install (no cables needed), easy to use (could automatically turn on / off at dusk / dawn), energy saving (consuming no electric power), and convenient maintenance (nearly no maintenance needed). Are you wondering how to find a […]

Top 7 Best Sellers of Solar Lights

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Solar Light is becoming one necessary part of our garden life. Either for your garden patio, or gazebo, or yard path, or grass land, or floor decks, or for your outdoor tables, Solar Lights could be the ideal ones to illuminate them, to decorate them, and could add ambient atmosphere to our garden life. Each […]

New Trend of Solar Garden Lights

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Since Solar Garden Lights have many advantages, such as, energy saving, no electricity cable needed, easy to use, convenient to install, more and more people in the world are loving to use Solar Lights to decorate their gardens, courtyard, backyard, balconies etc..   Are you tired of the regular / cheap solar lights in the […]

How to choose Solar Lights for your Garden

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Perhaps you did not buy Solar Lights for your garden before, or you had some bad experience buying Solar Lamps for your garden before, or you want to buy more brand new Solar Garden Lights to decorate your garden, or you just want to buy some new Solar Lights to replace the old / defective […]

Advantages of Battery Operated Garden Lanterns

Battery Operated Garden Lanterns

Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to green power, and they love to save energy.  Therefore, in order to decorate their gardens, many people would prefer to Solar Lights, and few people will consider Battery Operated Garden Lights. However, on the other hand, Battery Operated Decorative Garden Lanterns have their own advantages as […]

Outdoor decorative lighting guide in summer

Outdoor decorative lighting guide in summer

Summer is coming. It is a pleasant season. After a long day, maybe you need some time to eliminate the tiredness of the day, such as a well prepared dinner, iced beer, a small gathering of friends, and talking about the past and the future. During the conversation, with the unique fragrance of flowers and […]

“Magician” of the Night—Garden light


The beauty of garden lights is that even when the sun goes down, you can never stop enjoying the beautiful garden. Whether it’s plants, Architecture Articles, or roads, With the combination of lighting, the whole scene can look very different during the day and night. Even garden lighting can be unique, Perfectly matched with the […]

Why choose solar decorative lights to decorate your garden?

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With the development of economy and society, solar energy has become a major trend. Today, almost every household is using solar energy products, such as solar decorative lights. Why do more and more people choose solar decorative lights to decorate their gardens? For the cognition of solar energy, perhaps most people still stay at the […]

A few tips when your solar light can’t work properly

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If you have garden or open-air balcony, you may choose solar lights to embellish them. Because of covid, we have more time to stay in home, then your garden should be a good place for leisure. Good quality garden lights can be with you for a long time, please see below solar lights which have […]