Contemporary Solar Rattan Metal Lantern

Perfect for cozy lighting in your outdoor space

Fashion lantern shape

Solar powered

Availability: All seasons

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Material: Metal

SKU: HK-SL018-16    HK-SL018-17

Brand: Hanko




This Solar Light is one of our brand new Solar Rattan Lanterns, with an elite high-end patented design, classic and natural looking, and chunky touch.

The whole lantern frame (including the handle) is of iron material, and then we weave the PE Rattan around the iron frames (and the handle) manually.  On the base part of this solar lantern, we use our Solar Candle, in the daytime it absorbs sun power to charge the battery, and in the evening it’ll work automatically. Very suitable for use in nice gardens, courtyards, balconies, outdoor cafes, etc.  If you pay attention to natural and quality decoration, this garden lantern will surely be one of your ideal choices.

Currently, we have two different sizes for this style of Garden Lantern. If you want to decorate your indoor rooms, living rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, and resorts, we have our Battery Operated version, which is both for indoor and outdoor use.



  • quality system, quality assurance, we always adhere to the principle of quality first.
  • flexible delivery date, we have multiple production lines, which can meet the delivery needs of various customers.
  • pay attention to design and innovation. We develop new products every year to provide customers with the most competitive products in the market.
  • respond quickly. We have dozens of online service personnel to reply to your messages at any time.
  • more than 20 years of experience in European and American business supermarket cooperation, providing consumers with garden and home decoration inspiration, which has been selling well for many years.
  • about patents. We are the first manufacturer in the world to independently develop and produce solar rattan lanterns and hold many patents in China.
  • support customization. We support packaging and product customization. We have a strong R & D team to solve various problems you encounter in products.
  • perfect certificate system. We have certificates that meet the market standards of various countries, including ISO9001, ROHS, CE, BSCI, etc.



High End Solar Rattan Iron Lantern SPIRAL 1



  • Mix materials of Iron and PE Rattan
  • Chunky and heavy with quality
  • Natural looking
  • High end classic design
  • With patented technology
  • PE simulation cane
  • PE rattan weaving manually
  • high efficiency solar panels
  • waterproof design
  • automatic lighting on design
  • corrosion protection
  • switch design
  • Ni MH rechargeable battery, environmentally friendly
  • various sizes to meet different application scenarios



  • home decoration
  • outdoor cafe
  • 5-star hotels
  • outdoor restaurants
  • resorts
  • outdoor bars
  • outdoor garden
  • patio decoration
  • balcony decoration
  • wedding Church
  • architectural design
  • both for commercial and domestic use



High End Solar Rattan Iron Lantern SPIRAL 2

NumberSizeSolar partBattery
HK-SL018-16dia.32.0x 25.0cm height2V/100MA solar panel1*AAA 1.2V/300MAH rechargeable battery
HK-SL018-17dia.42.0x 32.5cm height2V/120MA solar panel1*AA 1.2V/300MAH rechargeable battery



Manual of HK-SL018-16

Manual of HK-SL018-17