Lantern story

The spirit of innovation in outdoor garden lantern manufacturing thrives even today. We’re committed to providing the best solutions to our customers.

lantern story

Lantern Culture

Sometimes it takes years to fully appreciate the significance of an event, such as the founding of Hanko in China in 2001. Back then, it was all about craftsmanship and pride, and it still is today, 21 years after becoming Hanko, the industry leader in solar garden lights in China. We will emerge stronger than ever to continue laying the foundation of craftsmanship and quality for generations to come. The spirit of innovation in outdoor garden lighting manufacturing lives on today, as our more than 100 employees work with customers and partners to define the future of decorative garden lighting. With our own design team, we’ve remained committed to the qualities that garden light originally fell in love with our CEO Grace: its beauty, versatility and endless sustainability.

Our memory and story began in 2001

Changzhou Hanko Factory

2001 year Changzhou Hanko Electronics Co., Ltd. was established

tall rattan outdoor lantern 1

2004 year started to develop solar series garden light products and obtained patents

solar ice flower glass floor tile series

2006 year the world's first star patent product solar ice flower glass floor tile series was developed

supplier of TARGET and COSTCO

2009 year successfully entered the US market and became a supplier of TARGET and COSTCO

original rattan lantern

2011 year successfully developed the world's original rattan lantern series patented products, which are widely welcomed by the market!

solar candle

2015 year successfully developed a series of solar candle products

Partner Brands

2016 year the products continued to sell well in TARGET, HOME DEPOT, DEHNER, SAINSBURY and other well-known European and American supermarkets and garden centers

solar outdoor Solar Pendant

2022 year the world's first solar outdoor Solar Pendant will be well received by the market

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With our experience, innovation, integrity, and professional attitude, we are determined to continuously serve our customers’ needs and expectations.

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