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● Made of simulated rattan, realistic effect, rainproof, sunproof
● Customization options: material, finish, shape, color, packaging
● Quality assurance, fast delivery
● Approved by BSCI, CE, ISO, ROHS passed the factory audit
● Garden Lights manufacturer with over 20 years of experience

Easy to use

We offer practical and easy-to-use solutions with clear guides for effortless installation and operation.


Using energy-saving LED technology and recyclable materials, our commitment is reducing carbon emissions and minimizing resource waste.

Manufacturer prices

Produced and sold directly from our factory. No middlemen for more affordable pricing.

Lanterns Collection

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Why Choose Us As Your Garden Lantern Manufacturer

Professional Design Teams: With more than 20 designers and engineers, every year we created more than 300 innovative designs for the market, and will patent some designs.

Quality Management System: We have over 50 quality inspectors who check each shipment against international inspection standards. Click here to learn about Hanko’s quality control

Unique hand-woven production line: Each garden lantern is carefully woven by artisans to ensure that each piece is unique, highlighting the perfect combination of art and practicality.

Free garden outdoor Sample: Provide free outdoor lantern samples for testing to confirm that we meet your custom design requirements. Click here to get a sample now!

Custom Outdoor Lantern Design


We offer various shape options to cater to different style performances. You can also choose your own outdoor lantern design.

  • Pineapple
  • Square
  • Globe


We provide different sizes from mini to extra large to suit various occasions. Custom outdoor lantern size is also accepted.

  • Mini
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Color Finish

We provide a wide selection of color finish options including imitation of natural wood grain brushed finish with a natural appearance and texture feeling. Following customer demand and market trends.

  • Gold
  • Black
  • Red
  • White


We produce outdoor plastic lanterns and solar metal lanterns to replace some of the wooden lanterns and bamboo lanterns in the market so as to avoid mildew discoloration problems after outdoor use. Our garden lantern is Waterproof, weatherproof, sunscreen mildew proof environmentally, and can be used for a long time.

  • Metal
  • Plastic

Power Supply

Outdoor electric lanterns and USB outdoor lanterns with timer function which is not only convenient for consumers to use, but also help energy saving: Outdoor lantern with flameless candle, no fire no smoke, safe enough to use in different places/holiday, etc.

  • Solar
  • Battery operated
  • USB


We support professional packing customization: color box color display box, window box, mailbox hang tag professional instruction manuals, and so on catering to any business needs

  • Color box
  • Color display box
  • Window box
  • Mailbox

Features Of Our Garden Lanterns

Durability and Longevity

Solar lanterns are designed to withstand outdoor environments and possess high durability. They are made of weather-resistant materials that can resist the impact of sunlight, rain, wind, and other natural elements. With proper use and maintenance, solar lanterns can last for several years or even longer.


Enhancing Outdoor Ambiance

The gentle glow emitted by solar lanterns creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in outdoor spaces. At night, solar lanterns emit soft and warm light, providing comfortable illumination. They not only meet the lighting needs but also add a romantic and cozy ambiance to outdoor activities.

Wide Applicability

Solar lanterns are suitable for various outdoor settings such as gardens, patios, yards, camping sites, and more. Without the limitations of power cords, you can freely install and place solar lanterns according to your needs, adding unique highlights to your outdoor space.


In addition to serving as lighting devices, solar lanterns offer multiple functionalities. They can be used as decorations, camping accessories, emergency lighting, etc. Some solar lanterns even feature charging capabilities, allowing you to charge electronic devices like phones, fulfilling your outdoor charging needs.

Looking For A Garden Lanterns Factory To Develop Your Business?

MOQ Is Flexible And Can Be Negotiated. Depending On Your Project. Accept Customization For Small Orders. Design Products As Your Idea. Innovation And Robot Efficient Production. Submit An Online Message. Reply Within 24 Hours By Email.

About Outdoor Lanterns FAQ

To clean an outdoor lantern, first remove loose dirt and dust with a dry cloth or soft brush. Use a mild soap and water solution to gently wipe the lantern’s surface and use a non-abrasive brush to remove stubborn stains. Rinse off any soap residue thoroughly and allow the lantern to dry completely before using it again. Also, use an appropriate cleaner to maintain glass or plastic panels, and for metal lanterns, remove rust by gently scrubbing with a wire brush and applying anti-rust paint. Please always follow the specific care instructions in the guide inside each lantern.

Our lanterns are usually hung by handles. Hanging lanterns with handles are versatile for garden decoration. Easily suspended on branches to adorn your yard and create a charming ambiance.

We first design garden lanterns, make the design draft of lanterns, prepare the materials needed for the lantern, and then assemble it. If you are interested, you can contact us and we can provide you with customized services.


The best materials for outdoor lanterns are usually corrosion-resistant metals like stainless steel or brass, and durable and weather-resistant plastics that can withstand outdoor conditions. These materials ensure longevity and resistance to harsh weather when used outdoors. The lanterns we produce are made of simulated rattan, and the garden lanterns we produce are highly weather-resistant.

Outdoor lanterns can be used creatively: hang them from branches or hooks, line pathways, or place them as table centerpieces for gatherings. Vary their sizes and heights for visual interest, cluster them for a focal point, and add seasonal touches like flowers or ribbons to match different times of the year. Ensure they complement your outdoor space’s style for an enhanced and charming ambiance.

Factory FAQ

The price is based on your specific requirement, so please provide below information to help us quote exact price to you.
1, Specific product, model no., dimension and material requirements etc.;
2, Quantity;
3, Which color and process requirements.

Our MOQ is 500pcs, but for the first order, you can try with small quantity with 300pcs.

The warranty period is one year. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us first, we can offer you the help with our professional product knowledge and experience. And if it’s the quality problem and within warranty period, we’ll compensate to you in your next order.

We support professional packing customization: color box color display box, window box, mailbox hang tag professional instruction manuals, and so on catering to any business needs

Our payment term is T/T 30% + 70% or L/C at sight.

Samples Within 3-5 days; order 45-60 working days according to your quantity.

Yes, sure. The design and size can be fully customized according to your requirements.

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