How garden Lights are made?

Our factory is located in Changzhou, China, and garden lights Manufacturing more than 1,000 garden lights per day. Based on the modern garden decoration lighting factory and experienced professional team, our products can be placed on your balcony, garden, patio, etc. The manufacturing of solar garden lights comprises a number of stages. They include product design, procurement of raw materials, fabrication, packaging, inspection, and final packaging. The manner in which these steps are performed can be adjusted according to the solar garden decorative lighting product.

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Garden Lights manufacturing steps

1. Design and planning

Design and planning are essential stages in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing lamp. From determining its appearance and dimensions to selecting the appropriate materials, a well-thought-out process ensures the lamp’s success. Design and planning also involve a meticulous focus on practicality and safety. The lamp must adhere to electrical regulations and standards, ensuring that it functions reliably and safely throughout its lifespan.

Garden lights Manufacturing
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2. Material procurement

Procurement of materials required for garden lighting fixtures, such as metal, plastic, glass, etc;

Aside from the primary materials, other ancillary components like wiring, connectors, and waterproof seals are necessary to protect the fixtures from water ingress and ensure safe electrical connections. Attention to detail in procuring quality electronic components and accessories ensures the garden lighting fixtures’ reliability and longevity.

3. Manufacturing lamp shells

A commitment to sustainable practices guides the choice of materials and garden lights manufacturing process. Using environmentally friendly materials and recycling waste wherever possible, aligns with the values of environmental responsibility and promotes greener methods of production. Metalworking, plastic injection molding, glass production, and other expertise combine their strengths to create fixtures that strike the perfect balance of durability, aesthetics, and efficiency. The result is a collection of lighting fixtures that enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces, mesmerize them, and light the way for years to come.

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Install circuits and electronic components
4. Install circuits and electronic components

Enhance the effectiveness and functionality of the garden lamp by meticulously installing a myriad of cutting-edge electronic components. Delicately position and secure intricate circuit boards, skillfully weave together an intricate network of wires, and integrate responsive switches and bulb holders seamlessly into the lamp housing.

Maintaining an unwavering commitment to precision, double-check every circuit connection to guarantee flawless functionality and prevent potential hazards. Conduct rigorous electrical tests, leaving no stone unturned, to verify the reliability and safety of the lamp’s electrical system.

5. Assembly of lighting fixtures

Assemble the exquisitely crafted manufactured shell and carefully selected electronic components together, seamlessly integrating them to create a sophisticated and durable garden lighting fixture that will stand the test of time. Employ a wide array of specialized tools and materials, meticulously utilizing screws for precise fastening, garden lights manufacturing employing welding techniques to ensure structural integrity, and skillfully applying adhesives to achieve flawless cohesion.

Garden lights Manufacturing
Light source test
6. Light source test

After the garden lighting fixtures are assembled, conduct a thorough light source test to ensure optimal performance and aesthetics. By meticulously conducting this light source test, you can ensure that the garden becomes a nighttime sanctuary, where residents and visitors alike can bask in its mesmerizing radiance, forging unforgettable memories under the moonlit skies.

7. Waterproof treatment

Due to the need for garden lighting fixtures to withstand the influence of outdoor environments, waterproof treatment is necessary. Given their exposure to the elements, it is crucial to ensure that the lighting fixtures have excellent waterproof performance to resist the erosion of rainwater and high humidity prevalent in outdoor spaces.

Waterproof treatment
Quality inspection and adjustment
8. Quality inspection and adjustment

Conducting a comprehensive quality inspection is essential to guarantee that the manufactured garden lighting fixtures not only align with the specified design requirements but also adhere to stringent safety standards. From assessing the durability of materials used to scrutinizing the precision of intricate details, every aspect is scrutinized to perfection. Moreover, in instances where imperfections are identified or elements fall short of the required criteria, skilled technicians are readily available to perform precise adjustments and proficient repairs.

9. Packaging and delivery

We employ cutting-edge packaging techniques, utilizing eco-friendly materials that not only protect the fixtures but also align with our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our skilled team of packaging experts meticulously wraps each garden lighting fixture, ensuring they are snugly fitted to prevent any potential damage during transportation. We incorporate innovative cushioning materials and shock-absorbent layers, providing an added layer of protection against bumps and jolts.

Packaging and delivery

Professional garden lights manufacturing

At Hanko, We are a garden lights manufacturer with more than 21 years of professional experience in making lanterns. We ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our client’s satisfaction.

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