Outdoor decorative lighting guide in summer

Outdoor decorative lighting guide in summer

Summer is coming. It is a pleasant season. After a long day, maybe you need some time to eliminate the tiredness of the day, such as a well prepared dinner, iced beer, a small gathering of friends, and talking about the past and the future. During the conversation, with the unique fragrance of flowers and birds singing in the summer evening, people in the distance are sitting the same things as you. It’s very exciting to think about it. This is our own time. You can enjoy your life until the first star calls all your companions.

But – – -it seems that we still need to make some preparations. It seems that your yard needs to be upgraded to match your summer party. But don’t worry. As an expert in garden decoration, maybe I can give you some good ideas. After finishing your hard work, you must not want to bother any more.

About table decoration

The decoration of the dining table need not be too complicated. It only needs to play a certain lighting and embellishment effect. In terms of the color selection of lights, whether it is warm yellow lights or fresh white lights, it will bring a different atmosphere to our party. However, the choice of decorative lamp appearance is a thing worth thinking about. A good decorative lamp can bring a different experience to your party. I have carefully selected some decorative lights suitable for your table.

1. the solar energy ice brick light of Hanko is available in a variety of sizes. With a glass cover similar to the effect of ice melting, it can bring you a little cool in summer.

ice brick light 2

2. Hanko Rattan lanterns. During the small gathering, a small lantern emitting warm yellow light can bring you a different atmosphere.

Rattan lanterns

Provide some guidance for your path

In the decoration of the path, we hope to use some decorative lights with lighting function to outline the direction of the path, which can make it easier for you to walk at night. We can put it on the edge of the deck to illuminate the path and the deck at night, so as to obtain better decorative effect and atmosphere.

1. Hanko solar stone light

solar stone light

2. Hanko Ice brick light

ice brick light

3. Hanko Crack Ball

Crack Ball

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