Top 7 Best Sellers of Solar Lights

Top 7 Best Sellers of Solar Lights 1

Solar Light is becoming one necessary part of our garden life.

Either for your garden patio, or gazebo, or yard path, or grass land, or floor decks, or for your outdoor tables, Solar Lights could be the ideal ones to illuminate them, to decorate them, and could add ambient atmosphere to our garden life.

Each year, there are some popular solar lights in the market.  And how about this year, please?  We’d like to take this opportunity to recommend you the following top 7 best sellers of Solar Lights:

Solar Iron-Glass Lantern with Solar Candle

Solar Iron Glass Lantern with Solar CandleSolar Iron Glass Lantern with Solar Candle 2

This Solar Lantern adopts the delicate combination of iron and glass, which brings it excellent texture. At the top of the lantern, there’s a natural hemp rope with a detachable handle. And inside the lantern there’s a Solar Candle. Advantage of this solar lights —— looks natural, simple, clean, and quality; You can place it on the table, or on the floors directly, or hang it for use. Don’t you think it’s very cute & lovely?

Solar Rope Light

Solar Rope Light 2Solar Rope Light

The birth of this Solar Rope Light came from an accidental idea —— the designer (of Hanko company, Changzhou city, China) happened to weave the copper wire led string lights around an ordinary hemp rope, the effect was really nice. Even in the daytime, the natural hemp rope is a fine decoration, matches your garden furniture well.  And it’s very convenient for you to use it in various places, you can use it around your garden fence, garden trees, your gazebo, your balcony and so on…  We do not feel strange that this item is becoming more and more popular worldwide.

Solar Path Indicator

Solar Path IndicatorSolar Path Indicator 2

This Solar Light is with unique design, which is quite different from those regular ones in the market. The advantages of this Solar Path Indicator —— fully plastic material (PP) strong and durable, the light comes out from the full sides of the product (looks more beautiful & vintage); With the switch on the base, you can choose steady on warm white color, or color-changing light function;  2 in 1 using way: you can use it directly on the table or on the floor decks, or with the help of the ground spike (included), you can use it standing on the grassland or on the soft soil land. Tired of the regular solar lights in the market? why not try this fine quality Solar Path Indicator to decorate your dream garden?

Solar Waterlily Light

Solar Waterlily LightSolar Waterlily Light 2

This Solar Light is designed according to the real lotus shape, and the factory who firstly designed / developed / manufactured this Solar Waterlily Lights is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. They use iron to make its petals and enrich its layers through multi-layer combination to make it look more like a real waterlily. There’s a glass crackle ball in the center of this product, and the Solar Panel is buried inside the glass ball.  You can place it on the ground floor, or nearby your garden pool, or anywhere you like.  Using this creative and quality garden light in your garden, it’ll definitely decorate your garden life more attractive.

Solar Pendant Light

Solar Pendant Light 1Solar Pendant Light 2

During the past, nobody designed Solar Pendant with Iron + Rattan material with Solar Powered. And ever since last year, this kind of products started to get popular, and this year, more and more people love to use this kind of Solar Pendants to decorate their gazebos / terraces / balconies etc..  This item is with iron frame, and weaving closely and manually with PE Rattan, looks very natural, matching the nature of your garden pretty well.  And this item of Solar Pendant is with bigger solar panel, and is bright (45 lumen), ideal for you to decorate your outdoor living places, adding an ambient & elite & natural atmosphere to your garden life.

Solar Candles

Solar Candles 1Solar Candles 2

Candles are very traditional items that are widely used everywhere for many occasions and in different seasons in the world. In the recent years, LED Candles were manufactured meeting the demand of the market, safer, and energy saving, easier to use.  

And 3 years ago, a company named Hanko Electronics Co., Ltd. is the first factory in the world that successfully developed and manufactured Solar Candles.  Advantages of this Solar Candle —— Looks like real candles, and the solar panel is pre-buried inside the plastic shade. Its whole body is waterproof, so it’s very suitable for outdoor use, easy / convenient to use, perfect for decorating your garden / table / house or your garden lanterns…

Solar Rattan Lantern

Solar Rattan Lantern 2Solar Rattan Lantern

In the previous years, people often used the natural rattan / wooden materials to weave some crafts for decoration. The disadvantage is that they are not so suitable for outdoor use, and furthermore, the wicker weaving manually is very slow, they have to use nails or glue to fix the wicker onto the wooden frames.   In Changzhou city, China, there’s a factory creatively invented a new technique to make it with plastic material, suitable for mass production, suitable for outdoor use together with solar power function, and with natural and quality looking. And then they made a big series of this category of products, like a kingdom of rattan lanterns. They applied patent for that technique.

You can use it in many places as you like, your garden table, your garden floor, your yard patio, your balcony, or beside your garden furniture. You can just place it on the ground, or you can hang it for use…  This item of Solar Rattan Lantern is really hot and popular in different countries. If you still do not have one, perhaps you should get one right now.

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