Welcome to the Kingdom of our Garden Lanterns

Garden Lanterns

Each year starting from September, it’ll be our busy season for producing different styles of Garden Lanterns, they’ll be delivered to different countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain etc.. Many consumers could purchase our creative and fine-quality garden lanterns (from their local Shopping Centers / DIY stores / Garden Centers or on-line shopping) to decorate their dream gardens.

garden lantern 2 1

Let’s have a small “visit” to the kingdom of our garden lanterns, and let us show you how we produce these beautiful lanterns

arden lantern 3

At first, let’s go to the warehouse, you’ll be able to see that there’re huge quantity of ready finish goods over there, they are clearly marked and are placed / stored in good order, which are waiting for delivery / shipment in the coming weeks.

And then let’s go the workshop.  Wow, there’s a sea of lanterns, you can not imagine how many lanterns there are. And I’m sure you’ve never seen such a sum of lanterns.

garden lantern 4 1

garden lantern6 1

Who produced these lanterns?  And how do they produce them? Let’s continue our visit.

Here you can see, these intelligent and diligent workers are busy weaving the PE rattans around the iron frames / or plastic frames. Thanks to their hard work and experienced skills, we could enjoy fine garden life with these creative lanterns.  (And of course, we should thank our engineers, too. They made these great designs and unique structures, and we’ve already successfully got many patents.)

garden lantern8 1

What are they doing in this workshop, please?  They are assembling and packing the lanterns.  Look, they’re working very carefully, seriously, smoothly, proudly, and beautifully as well …

garden lantern 8 1

How do you like this kind of small “visit”, please?   If you like, in the near future, we will take you another “visit” .