Why choose Hanko Solar Rattan Lanterns?

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Nowadays people are getting used to the solar rattan lanterns in the market, they can see and buy and enjoy many different types of solar rattan lanterns in different stores or in internet to decorate their gardens, and they do not see anything special. However, things were quite different 11 years ago.

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Before the year 2011, in the market you could only see some rattan lanterns as above shown pictures. The characters of them were as below:
1). The materials were —— real wooden, or real willows / wickers / rattans, or real bamboos, which were not really suitable for outdoor use;
2). The production methods were —— The workers fixed the lanterns by nails, or by gluing, or by small rope wrapping around… which took more time and costed more money;
3). The shapes / styles / colors were limited, and the products were not so durable;

Ever since 2010, we started to investigate this project, and we spent nearly two years studying / designing / proto-sampling / trying / testing / improving in many different ways, trying to achieve a better way to make Solar Rattan Lanterns with better looking, in different shaped / figures, easier producing in mass manufacturing, and with natural and quality finish, durable in use, and suitable for outdoor use…

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Finally we succeeded, and we got it
a). We used a few different plastic vertical ribs, and each rib is with many different wells / gaps, and then we fix the vertical ribs onto the upper plastic cap and the plastic base part.
b). And then we selected the correct diameter plastic rattan (using special extrusion technique, looks like the real natural rattan), to weave around the different wells/gaps on the different vertical ribs closely and manually, and then the nice shape / figure would be formed;
c). In order to make it look even better and natural, we made the upper plastic part with the textures effect of rattan;
d). We added plastic candle on the base part of the lantern;
e). We added Solar Puck on the upper part of the lantern, and flickering amber LED light will spot onto the surface of the plastic candle, making you feel the candle is burning;
f). To make the solar rattan lanterns more options of use, we added flat plastic-rattan as a handle. Therefore, it’s portable, and can hang it for use as well;

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And of course, before succeeding, we met many different challenges / difficulties, and we found the solutions and overcame them one by one.
And then many different classic shapes of our solar rattan lanterns were born, and at different sizes, with different finish / colors. From then on, people around the world could enjoy this kind of solar rattan lanterns, with easier use way, with reliable quality, and at affordable cost. Our Solar Rattan Lanterns could be found at each corner all over the world.

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Solar Rattan Lanterns are getting more and more popular, some other factories are copying our designs, and they made it with cheaper material / cheaper technique …… And in order to protect our creative design, we applied and got many China patents, both in design patents and in utility model patents.

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Our philosophy is never stop developing fine quality products with creative designs. And we continued to develop the 2nd generation of Solar Rattan Lanterns:

Hanko Solar Rattan Lanterns 8


And then the 3rd generation of our Solar Rattan Lanterns:

Hanko Solar Rattan Lanterns 9


And then the 4th generation of our Solar Rattan Lanterns:

Hanko Solar Rattan Lanterns 10


And then the 5th generation of our Solar Rattan Lanterns:

Hanko Solar Rattan Lanterns 12 1


And then the 6th generation of our Solar Rattan Lanterns:

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Our article will be finished here, but our journey of developing and manufacturing creative Solar Rattan Lanterns will never be stopping. We’re devoting ourselves supplying more and more fine quality Solar Rattan Lanterns for the people around the world to decorate their dream garden life.

Furthermore, if you compare our fine quality creative Solar Rattan Lanterns with the other factories’ copying, you’ll be able to see that we have many advantages, not only as the above mentioned points, but also you can see the other points below listed:

Some Differences between our Solar Rattan Lantern and Other factories:

1). We use brand new material of plastic (meeting ROHS strictly), while the other factories use recycled material of plastic (in order to save cost, not really meeting ROHS);

Hanko Solar Rattan Lanterns 18

2). We use high quality solar panel for our solar lightings, and when we declare 2V/80MA, it’s really 2V/80MA, while the other factories use 2V/50MA in stead of 2V/80MA;

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3). We use high quality rechargeable batteries for our solar lights, and when we declare 1.2V/600MAH NI-MH Battery, it’s really 1.2V/600MAH, and it’s really NI-MH, while the other factories use 1.2V/300MA in stead of 1.2V/600MAH and use NI-CD in stead of NI-MH in order to save cost;

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4). We use mixed materials (for example, glass + iron + plastic) to make sure of the fine texture / quality of our solar lamps, while some other factories are copying our solar garden lighting, making it just one material —— only by plastic injection, which is really really cheap, and is killing the features / taste of these nice products …

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5). We use manual weaving technique for our rattan lanterns / rattan basket lights, while others try to save cost, and just make the whole item by plastic injection, which makes it too cheap, killing the products again …

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6). We check the quality of our solar lights at each step, during each process, by each person, and in each day. This way the quality could be guaranteed, while the other factories only check the quality in one or two steps / processes.

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