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We are committed to providing excellent service. From product selection to after-sales support, we ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

Hanko Supply Chain

We are an outdoor garden lighting & packaging supplier

Our business model is designed to make it easy for our customer to manufacture his own garden light.We can design, make, supply specific boxes and more. we offer a range of pre-designed products and services designed to streamline packaging supply chains and grow profits. For any market or industry, one email/phone call away brings it all! From research and development to complex custom package design, we are ready to help you package more profit.

hanko supply chain
LED candles manufacturing

Our Manufacturing

Lean production starts from environmentally friendly materials

All of our garden lanterns and LED candles are designed, manufactured, assembled, and packaged in our China factory. Hanko offers a compelling turnkey solution using state-of-the-art molding and factory equipment to meet your individual needs. With our CE / ISO9001 / BSCI certified plant and production machines, we help you build and package more profit by reducing your costs and improving your productivity.

Customer Review

At Hanko, we take immense pride in providing top quality products tailored to your needs. Your happiness and success are our driving forces, and we go above and beyond to make it happen. From personalized solutions to attentive customer support, we aim to build strong and lasting relationships with each of our clients.

We know Hanko over 20 years, and I really like their design & quality, and they’re our best after sales supplier in Asia.



We only work with quality suppliers. And Hanko is one of them.



Hanko is always supplying fine quality products, I love to work with them.



Our design

We take pride in crafting unique and innovative garden lantern solutions that cater to your specific needs.

3D Modeling

Through 3D modeling technology, we have created an unprecedented visual experience. Our team is able to fully test and optimize products in a virtual environment through 3D modeling, which greatly shortens the development cycle and reduces risks. Whether it is shape, size or function, we are able to present every detail in a meticulous manner, so as to bring customers a unique and convincing innovative experience.

3D Modeling
our design 02

Innovative Design


Not only does a new outdoor garden lantern design project need to hit the market with a great package, but it also needs to be on time and within budget. We have developed a unique structure and dedicated resources that enable innovation to flourish across the company. Our core innovation team develops ideas based on market trends and consumer needs, focusing on new product development in response to customers.

Still in doubt Consult Your Hanko Lights Expert

With our experience, innovation, integrity, and professional attitude, we are determined to continuously serve our customers’ needs and expectations.

Hanko: Professional Lighting Products Supplier

We are a leading manufacturer of garden lights in China with over 22 years of manufacturing/quality control/design experience, over 15,000 square meters of production/warehousing space, and over 200 skilled workers in our factory. With our strong creative development team, we are the first company in the world to design/manufacture a wide range of solar lanterns, solar pendants, solar candles, solar lamps, and lanterns with several patents in China. As a CE / ISO9001 / BSCI certified factory, the quality of our products and designs are well known worldwide, widely accepted, and cooperated with garden centers / DIY shops / famous wholesalers in North American and European markets. Our philosophy is quality, responsibility, and service. contact us now.

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